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Who We Are

Almeka Constructions and Interiors is a firm specializing in all types of construction and interior design for home, offices, and commercial properties with a global influence.

Whether designing residential or commercial spaces, Almeka has built a reputation for achieving highly individual results for our clients. Almeka crafts visual stories that become signature surroundings. Guided by clients’ aspirations, as well as their diverse experiences, the firm does creative and innovative designs, which allow clients to fully express who they are, and what holds meaning to them.

Interior design is a creative art. Creative art involves understanding and articulating style; visual balance, contrast, and form. It is about color and creating a complement or contrast. It also includes lighting and creating an ideal ambiance and bringing harmony to space.

Principles of our work

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Project Analysis

A good brief will be as detailed and project-specific as possible. It will outline the client’s requirements and aspirations, set down a budget for works and the time scale in which the project must be realised. We start with finding out what is in your mind. In the same way. Always. Asking a million questions, we start finding out about you. Your wants and your needs, your loves and your hates. Your lifestyle. We’re learning what’s meaningful to you, and what you want your home or office to say about you.

Project Design

Then we begin our design process. FIRST… We develop your initial schematic designs. Why? To help you visualize your new interiors. THEN… We create construction documents. Why? Because these drawings inform crafts and trades people and of how exactly to build out your interiors. NEXT… We design it exactly. Why? By creating the vision, by setting the stage, by giving you a glimpse of your materials, finishes and colors, your millwork, custom cabinetry and much more, you’re seeing what your interiors will look like, and equally important, what they’ll feel like. AND THEN… We finalize all the drawings, all the layouts, all the custom finishes and all the details.

Client Approval

As an interior design project cannot be easily edited, like digital designs can, it is vital to get approval from the client before proceeding with the implementation stage. Clients are often uncertain about what they really want so it is important to present your design concept in a positive manner and highlight the positive features of the design to the client. The reason for this is that an indecisive client may result in numerous design solutions being presented without any real progress being made.

Production and Building

Concurrent to this is construction. WHERE WE ARE YOUR… project manager. Overseeing and coordinating your process from construction, electrical, plumbing, lighting installation, landscaping, and every other imaginable facet of construction. From the ground up (literally) we’re keeping an eye on your “punch list,” constantly reviewing and updating it, always ensuring that everything is being done correctly, and beautifully. SIMULTANEOUSLY, WE ARE… uploading. Photos and videos of the construction process. You’ll see your home or your office taking shape before your eyes.


FINALLY… The Big Reveal. Groceries are in your pantry. Flowers are on your table. Coffee’s made, your candles are lit, and your wine’s decanting. We’ve met your every need so that you can simply walk in and live your life. And your lifestyle. why we did it? because we love… Seeing your eyes light up when you walk into your new interiors. And hearing you say, “It’s exactly me. It’s just what I wanted. How did you know?” …and it’s our greatest hope that you will never forget how we made you feel.